Always Faithful

Major Caldwell, (Nic) is sent back Stateside from Iraq to a Marine Base in California after she is badly injured in a helicopter crash. She slowly recovers and when she is back on her feet, is given the job as an `inform' on base. Her new job is to inform the families of serving personnel of their loved ones death. One of her informs is Claire Monroe, the wife of an acquaintance of hers, Mike. Claire and Mike had a young daughter and Nic rather took a shine to her. It makes Nic look back over her life and see all of what she has missed over the years by serving her country. She would never be able to have a family all the time she stays in the military. Claire Monroe has lost her husband, but is now seeing a part of herself she hasn't seen in years. She is torn between remaining respectful to her husbands memory and being who she wants to be. Major Nic Caldwell is in a turmoil. She has feelings that she can't possibly act upon. There is her career to consider. Plus Claire is straight, isn't she?

I so enjoyed this book. I just couldn't put it down. Just one minor complaint, I would have liked it to be longer. I just couldn't get enough, I wanted much more.


BRinKo said...

nice book, I read it on a plane, it was disturbing for my neighbor!

LinDoL said...

this subject pleased me!

FAunA said...

interesting book, and sexy cover!